Suit Of Armor (Official Video)

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Everything Fun (Is Bad For Me) Lyric video

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Lonely Youth Live Performance!

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Second take, no rehearsal, no overdubs! Todd Morse (Vocals/Guitar) Daniel Thomson (Drums) Travis Loafman (Guitar) Phil Snowden (Bass)

Todd Morse – Big Time Waster (Official Video)

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Love Gets Loud (lyric video)

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“This is a bonus track on Late Bloomer! Click Here To Download LATE BLOOMER Now!   THIS MUSIC IS NOW AVAILABLE THROUGH STREAMING SERVICES LIKE SPOTIFY AND APPLE MUSIC! PLEASE ADD ME TO YOUR PLAYLIST! OR hit the button below and feel great about supporting purely independent music! Only $9.95! Really means a lot so […]

Todd Morse – Feels Like Drowning (Lyric Video)

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“This is track 11 on Late Bloomer! Get Todd’s digital album LATE BLOOMER here! For only $9.95 you will receive a digital download of LATE BLOOMER via email, immediately after placing your order. If you like the video please leave a comment below!

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