Many of you have been asking if I will be making CD and vinyl copies of LATE BLOOMER. The short answer is, YES. However, because I am self funding this entire project I will need to sell some digital copies first to fund the printing of hard copies. In fact, I’m kinda looking at the digital release as my “kickstarter” to make more product and music. As many of you know, my main gig is touring with the Offspring. That keeps me pretty busy but also affords me the time to make my own music when we are off the road. So, I’m basically selling music so that I can continue to make it and I’m just getting started! I have three more albums in me at least and hopefully they are going get better and better.

        I looked into crowd funding, Patreon and Bandcamp when I was trying to figure out a way to make LATE BLOOMER possible. Ultimately, I decided that finding a small group of early believers for my first record would be my way of funding a second one. I don’t feel honest about involving a third-party who may have some other marketing or financial agenda. The more companies you add into the mix, the more of a wall you build between your music and people who dig it. That’s why I’m choosing not to stream anything right away. There’s no corporate platform. Just you and me.

        I hope that some of you will have already bought the digital version of LATE BLOOMER by the time I have CD’s or vinyl available (tentatively March 2019). If you do, I will offer you the hard copy for a discount. I will also sign them for you if you’d like. I’m planning on printing some Lenny Boomer T-shirts as well! 

        Anyway, I really appreciate you all being part of this journey. I hope that I can inspire a few of you that it’s never too late to put yourself out there and tell the world your story. I poured my heart into this album it’s just the beginning. I hope that you will stick around for ride.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at todd@toddmorse.com

Talk soon,