LATE BLOOMER OUT NOW!!! (album trailer)

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Wow! It’s finally release day for my debut solo album “Late Bloomer”.  I have so many people to thank for getting me here. First off, I want to thank me family for putting up with a husband and father who is constantly on the road, in the studio or attached to a computer. Daniel Thomson (drummer) for putting in the work and helping me build these songs. Also, Barry Pointer and Chris Wonzer for the high quality studio time.

I felt really in the moment while recording this album so I really didn’t take a ton of photos and video while recording. Next time I’ll make sure I have a fly on the wall. Here’s my one minute “album trailer” crammed with whatever I could find and in no particular order…

DON’T FORGET, the first 100 people to buy a digital copy of LATE BLOOMER today (Jan 21, 2019) will get a FREE signed tour or festival back stage laminate! (chosen randomly from my twenty years on the road!)

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